11570 bone graft

11570 Bone Graft

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Bone grafting in 11570

11570 bone graft
11570 bone graft

If you’re excited about the idea of getting a dental implant (and why wouldn’t you be?), it can be upsetting to find out that your jaw bone has not tested up to the standards necessary for a successful implant to be completed. All is not lost, though. At Dental Implants & Periodontology of Rockville Center, we perform bone grafting, a procedure that is done to strengthen your jaw bone in preparation for your new implant.

The reason that your jaw is so important is that an implant is anchored into your jaw, much like a natural tooth is with its root. This is why implants are leaps and bounds ahead of bridges and dentures, which are only on top of the gums, with nothing holding then in beneath. As part of the qualification process at our office, you will be examined and have testing done, including imaging to see your jaw bone structure. If it is not sufficient, our 11570 bone graft is the next step. Our implant dentist uses bone taken from another part of your body, or obtained from a donor bank, and transplants it into your jaw. Your bone tissue then grows new and stronger bone around it. There is a waiting period of a few months for your new bone to grow in after our 11570 bone graft, but the time is well worth it. The result is that you will be eligible to move forward with an implant, which with proper care can last a lifetime. You’ll be able to speak and chew with full confidence. There are no messy adhesives and your other teeth will not be affected.

Our 11570 bone graft makes it possible to get an implant when you might otherwise have been shut out. Contact our office today and schedule a consultation and examination to begin the implant process.

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