Baldwin gum disease

Baldwin Gum Disease

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Periodontal Disease in Baldwin

The symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe, but one thing is certain: periodontal disease is a threat not only to your gums, but to your overall state of oral wellness, including your teeth. Here at Dental Implants & Periodontology of Rockville Centre, we are specialists in the care of gums, and we want you to know the stages of periodontal disease and how to recognize them.

Nearly everyone at sometime or other will experience gingivitis, the early stage of Baldwin gum disease. The symptoms of it may not even be noticeable, but are usually confined to redness and irritation. As with all periodontal disease, it is the acids and bacteria present in plaque and tartar that cause those symptoms. Gingivitis can be reversed with a routine teeth cleaning, which you should get twice per year. In more stubborn cases, it may be necessary to have a second cleaning in order to get the best results. If gingivitis is not addressed in a timely manner, then Baldwin gum disease can advance to the later stage of periodontitis. You will likely observe indications like persistent bad breath, bleeding when brushing your teeth, and possibly receding gums. These signs occur from inflammation and infection. Chronic periodontitis develops more slowly, but aggressive periodontitis is often quicker, made so possibly by an underlying condition like diabetes, for example. Periodontitis is addressed with a treatment called scaling and root planing, which is essentially a deeper type of teeth cleaning. And there is one more stage called necrotizing periodontal disease. This is associated with dead gum tissue.

Baldwin gum disease, in any form and any stage, does not have to cause you harm. By simply coming in for a regular checkup and teeth cleaning every six months, you will be putting the odds in your favor to maintain healthy gums. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

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